Real Estate Photography Add-Ons To Sell Your Listing Quicker

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Whether you’re a Real Estate agent looking to sell your client’s property quicker or even a short term rental owner, supplementing your beautiful listing photos with add-ons can give your property a significant increase in interest.  The first priority is to have stunning photos that immediately draw the viewers in.  To stand out even more from the competition, consider adding some of the following services.

Drone / Aerial Photography

Drone photos can instantly create that wow factor that will make your listing stand out. Not only do drone photos offer a perspective that immediately catches the eye, this aerial view can show a property’s location in relation to nearby amenities and areas of interest. Many properties in the Charleston area may be close to the coast of tidal creeks and nothing shows their relative location better than drone photos. Drone / Aerial photography can also give the viewer a sense of how big a property is.


Twilight Photography

The first image viewers will typically see for a listing is the front exterior of the property.  One excellent way to make a great first impression and memorable impact is to include twilight photography.  These photos are taken shortly after sunset and capture the warm glow of the interior lights while getting the blue and purple hues of the after sunset sky.  This combination of lighting creates a stunning contrast and immediately draws the viewer’s eye in the warm and inviting image of the property.  Another great option is our virtual twilight photos, which are digitally edited daytime photos that are converted to look like an authentic twilight photo. 

Floor Plans

To really help viewers get an idea of the available space and layout of the property, floor plans are a great add-on service to boost your listing’s appeal.  Our 2-D floor plans offer potential home buyers or renters a bird’s eye view of the layout and can quickly see how the property flows together. According to Rightmove, an increase of 52% in click through rates are achieved when adding 2-D floor plans to a listing. 


Video Tour

Another impactful way to stand out and show off a property is through a video tour.  Many buyers and renters are searching from out of town and with our high definition video tour, viewers can really get an idea of the space and layout of a property without having to physically be at the property.  We also offer drone videography that is a great perspective to add to the video tour – showing the property’s proximity to areas of interest and also the total size of the property. 

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